At the moment I am going through the worst time, I wake up crying in the morning, and this goes on most of the day. The reason behind this is bereavement. I lost my Brother in August last year suddenly and without warning, he was well one minute then critically ill with rapid cancer, it all happened  so quick. Then I lost my beautiful Persian Gussy to kidney disease in Feb this year, and now to my horror Muffin my last remaining Persian had two heart attacks! The vet said it was due to the loss of his brother and hot weather. Now I need to fight this with going back to writing and keep my mind busy, as I had said earlier, it is not everyone’s cup of tea so to speak but it helps to do something you enjoy rather than sitting around moping. Any kind of therapy is great for depression, so I hope other people will read this and maybe it may help them to climb out of that horrible dark hole.

The cat.

Despite what people say about cat’s they are wrong. Cat’s have feelings and can also show great love. They are unique in their way’s and very funny. I lost one of my Persians in February this year and it broke my heart. He was so full of character and he actually communicated with us, he would tell me either with his beautiful eyes what he wanted, or tap me on the arm or face to tell me there was something he wanted, he was such a lovely cat. I would never find another cat with character like Gussy. He was only twelve and died with renal failure (PKD) and he went down so quick it was terrible, we managed to say goodbye and hold him in our arms to comfort him, he even managed a tiny meow, we knew he was saying goodbye. So I know how people feel when they lose a pet. God bless you my little man. Now we have Muffin and he grieved terribly for his brother, pacing, calling I even saw tears in his eyes, thank god he has settled down now and back to his calm little self. He also brings me so much comfort, I dread that time when he will leave us my world will be so empty.

Children in time.

I hear they are now trying to introduce sex education into schools, not for the older child, (12 upward) but to primary school kids. Has the governments of this world totally lost the plot! children of 4, or 5 should be taught skills relating to their advancing years, at least that would be  useful for them so when they get to high school they at least have some knowledge of skills they are going to need as they grow. How do you explain sex to a mere baby really? they would not understand, let them be children and enjoy their young life’s, instead of bombarding them with information they don’t really need to know at that stage of their life’s.

This is becoming a crazy world.


Life is short enough without making it shorter by jumping in a boxing ring and being punched in the head several times until finally you collapse with a brain bleed. If this sport is not going to be banned, then use a head guard. Unfortunately this is the nature of the human species must show aggression to be an adult! Is this a way of relieving tension? There has got to be another way, can’t believe men encourage their son’s to take up boxing. This sport has got to be made safer, teeth guards just stop teeth being knocked out and an expensive trip to the dentist to fix them, and often a painful experience.

The Yowling And The Reason Behind It

I have never heard such true words. Give me a dog anytime than a human. Dog’s will stay true to the end, They are so cool about everything, they don’t care what they look like..Ohh how I love them.

Angelin Veronica

Hey Guys! So, how many of you have pets at home, especially dogs and cats? We all know that our buddies don’t like to be left behind… at all. Even if we try to, they will just curl up with those saddened eyes, enough to melt even a stone-hearted man. And, in the case of hyperactive dogs, excessive jumping around, and tearing up your clothes to show anger, or in other words, aggressiveness.

So are we. Even we don’t like to be left alone, right? Dogs are even more friendlier, compared to cats. They do not have this hostility about them. So, it’s much easier to be around them. Dogs also approach people, who are mostly sad and, in dire need of attention. Their trait is such. They developed this, only because of the seemingly lasting bond between dogs and humans ever since earth gave life to human beings and…

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As a novelist and writer, I have done an awful lot of research on a whole lot of subjects, and one thing always gives me inspiration for the majority of my work; and that is human emotions and feelings. If an older person is diagnosed with a terminal illness, doesn’t mean that because they are old treatment should be delayed or not given in the first place! I am not suggesting in any way medical professionals think in that direction because I don’t think they would. But just take a look at their loved ones. Their feelings are eventually going to take them to the edge of a very large deep hole, and would want treatment for their loved one.  The point is, life is precious to every one of us, and older people are the same as a young person diagnosed with the same illness. A baby in the womb has feelings at a very early stage of its pre birth; A baby about to be aborted senses that something is about to happen and feels fear, that is shown by the reaction it has to avoid the instrument in its removal from the womb…Horrible and sad. But feelings play a tremendous part in our lives. Animals feel fear too, just the same as humans do. But what makes us human is the  ability to care and feel for other’s who are in pain or suffering in some way or other. People who do not feel anything in my eyes, and could care less for others are not

The Star

This would be my first time writing a sci-fi young adults and children’s book. So here goes, the story is about a Brain tumour, a young boy, and a very unique dog. I did a lot of research on Brain tumours during the writing of this book; and still in it’s early stages it is starting to shape into a  (Hopefully) good novel. Everyone loves a tearjerker and I’ve had two of those this year so far. The loss of losing someone so close to you is extremely painful, and chaotic, your head is all over the place with grief, and for that I have no answers, the only thing is time, praying it goes quickly and, of course it never does. So this book has been written for my cousin who passed very suddenly. We were very close and were more Brother and sister than cousins. But now it is time to forge ahead and take my readers on a magnificent ride through fantasy, and fiction, with a few laughs thrown into the mix.